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Sahara desert treks

We offer a range of Sahara Desert treks, starting and finishing in Jerba, Tunisia.
(SEE BELOW for a
list of all TREKS)
We are very experienced, AND we work with the local professionals, desert nomads of the Marzougui tribe, to give you a high-quality desert experience.

10 year-old trekkers
We use 4WD vehicles
to travel as far as possible before meeting our camels

We'll be completely isolated from western civilisation in this remote part of the great Sahara Desert.
Sahara desert oasis
Oasis with date palms

Amor, our desert expert, Easter 2004

a welcome cup of tea
a sahara desert trek
the endless dunes of the Sahara
Our desert treks start from difficulty grade "B"
click on the title for full details of each desert trek & camel trek
1. Desert trek - 7 days an introduction to desert travel Autumn half-term & Easter
2. Desert trek +
"Festival of the Desert"
an introduction, plus a spectacular festival Xmas only - to fit in with festival
3. Desert trek - 10 days for experienced walkers & campers, a circular tour. Autumn half-term & Easter
4. Desert trek - 10 days for experienced walkers & campers, to finish at an Oasis. Autumn half-term & Easter
5. Camel trek - 15 days for experienced desert travellers only Autumn half-term & Easter

Sahara Desert adventure

Each of our Sahara desert treks is an action-packed adventure with a good blend of sightseeing and desert peace. We offer 7-day introductory desert treks for all the family, to 15-day long distance journeys for experienced desert travellers.

The desert, and the act of moving through it, is a wonderful place for cleaning the mind of all our daily thoughts and worries. The desert and it's dunes stretch for miles and miles. Life settles into a timeless routine of local tea and fresh bread, walking, a lunch stop for fresh salad and a siesta. Then a few more miles before the evening meal, a roaring fire, music, singing and a night under the stars as you have never before seen them. You will return from the desert feeling mentally clean and rested.

We move at the same gentle, effortless pace as our camel train, either riding the Arabian camels (dromedaries) or enjoying the hot sand under our bare feet. Our guides learned how to live in this beautiful yet savage terrain thousands of years ago and are completely at one with the endless sands of the Sahara.

Tunisia is a peaceful, stable and completely safe country for travellers. Arabic and French are spoken. The religion is a relatively liberal form of Islam, (Sunni Islam of the Malekite school). Our guides are extremely friendly and welcoming.

The temperatures in October, November and April are ideal for Westerners. Not too hot during the day (25/30°C) and with the nights around 10°C where a 3-season sleeping bag is perfect.

For background information about this fascinating country visit the tourist office site:

Date palms - with the dates ripe for eating, straight from the tree.

We sleep out under the stars, or in a Bedouin tent.

At these times of year there are no bugs or scorpions to bother us and we can walk safely in bare feet or in sandals or trainers OR ride our own Arabian camel.

Autumn is the time of the date harvest - and
we'll be able to eat dates fresh from the tree.

kit list
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Remember: Our treks are graded B. They are in the heat and soft sand and can be quite physical.
Camel riding is comfortable, once you get the hang of it!
We camp out each night and eat together from a single bowl.
There are no toilets and limited washing facilities - wet wipes are great.
All our Sahara desert treks start and finish in Djerba. See each trek (click on title) for more details
of what is, and is not, included in the price.

check with us for the exact dates of the "Festival of the desert" and the Xmas trek >> email Adventure treks
(usually around 21-28 December for the 8-day trek)

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