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Ksar Ghilane to Douz + FESTIVAL of the DESERT
( 8 days, 7 nights )

This a THE introductory desert trek and is suitable for all the family. We cross the Sahara desert from the oasis village of Ksar Ghilane to the desert frontier town of Douz. We complete this challenging crossing of 60 kilometers across the dunes of the Sahara desert in 4 days. And we sleep out (under the stars or in a Bedouin tent) for 5 nights.

Everyone has their own camel so can chose to walk or ride. Most people will chose a mix and will, for example, walk for an hour, then ride for an hour. This is a wonderful experience if you are comfortable camping. In 5 years we have never met ANYONE during this trek. We are completely alone and isolated. Mobile phones don't work either.

Our last 2 days are spent in the lively desert market town of DOUZ . Our arrival is timed to coincide with the spectacular "FESTIVAL of the DESERT". The FESTIVAL features dramatic and colourful horse and camel races, dances and entertainment. And where we can also shop, enjoy the sights of bustling Douz, or rest by the pool of our 4-star hotel.

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your detailed itinerary
Day 1
Fly to Djerba (Jerba) to arrive around 1200h. Meet our 4WD vehicles and drive to the oasis town of Ksar Ghilane for our first night under the stars with our camels and our Marzougui guides and camel drivers. (3hrs of driving).
(Or fly into Tunis and take an internal flight to Djerba - there are 7 flights a day between Djerba and Tunis).
Day 2 Walking and a night in the desert. (4-5 hrs walking).
Day 3 Walking and a night in the desert.
Day 4 Walking and a night in the desert.
Day 5 Walking and our last night in the desert.
Day 6 transfer by 4WD to DOUZ for showers, 4-star hotel and the FESTIVAL.
Day 7 FESTIVAL of the DESERT in Douz.
Day 8 Transfer by 4WD to Djerba airport for a midday/afternoon flight. (3hrs of driving).

The evening's cultural exchange

our camel train

GENERAL INFORMATION & LIST of all our Tunisia treks >>> CLICK

FOOD: We eat fresh-cooked bread (cooked 2 or 3 times a day), healthy salads at midday and evening meals of pasta, couscous or meat and vegetable stews. There is coffee and tea at mealtimes and unlimited bottled water at all times.

EVENINGS: are spent relaxing, talking, learning Arabic, local songs and music (our guides carry drums and flutes), and dancing (see above!). And eating a delicious meal.

WASHING: There is a very limited amount of water for eg handwashing. Ask for our kit list for more information.

TRAVEL: We take care of everything Djerba - Djerba (sometimes spelt "JERBA" on english websites). You are responsible for arranging your own travel to/from Djerba, to arrive in time for the transfer.

4WD transfers: We use modern 4WD vehicles for all transfers and to get as far as possible into the "real" desert. We avoid walking in the stony desert as much as possible. We want dunes!

MARZOUGUI GUIDES: Our nomad guides have become my personal friends. They are extremely welcoming and gentle with all travellers. They know the desert like the back of their hand and are happy to share their expertise at living off the land. They speak Arabic, and some French and will be delighted to teach you Arabic.

DATES: Available at Xmas, usually 21-28 December; check with us for the exact dates >> email Adventure treks

Date palms - with the dates ripe for eating, straight from the tree.

We sleep under the stars, or in a Bedouin tent.

At these times of year there are no bugs or scorpions to bother us and we can walk safely in bare feet or in sandals or trainers
OR ride our own Arabian camel.

Autumn is the time of the date harvest - and
we'll be able to eat dates fresh from the tree.

kit list
ask us for a detailed list

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Remember: Our treks are graded B. They are in the heat and soft sand and can be quite physical.
Camel riding is comfortable, once you get the hang of it!
We camp out each night and eat together from a single bowl.
There are no toilets and limited washing facilities - wet wipes are great.
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Based on:
2 people sharing a twin room with shower in a 4-star hotel with pool for 2 nights.
5 nights camping in the desert.
A single room supplement of about £40 is no problem if you prefer this.

What is included:
Your own Arabian camel, all accomodation, all breakfasts, lunches (days 2-7), all evening meals and all transport & transfers.

What is NOT included:
Flights to Djerba. All alcoholic drinks, insurance, any medical costs, postcards and presents. Lunches on travel days.

Flight info:
>For international flights to Tunisia look at, or British airways, Lufthansa and Swissair have flights to Djerba, or try

>For domestic flights between eg Tunis and Djerba, look at Air Tunis then ask us to book this for you - our agents in Tunisia can book this much easier than can you or your travel agent.

Extra days - guide prices: If you would like to stay on longer we can arrange this for you. For example, additional nights in the same 4-star hotels as we use are, for 2 people sharing a twin room with shower (for half-board):
DOUZ: £30 per person, single supplement £15.
DJERBA: £30 per person, single supplement £15.
KSAR GHILANE: £50 per person, single supplement £30.

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