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Hiking in the Dolomites: the ring of Cortina
a 10-day adventure: outline itinerary

The Dolomites are a stunning limestone range of mountains in the north of Italy; north of Venice and up to the border with Austria.

The enchanting landscapes we see in the Dolomites will leave you breathless. Millions of years ago the earth’s energy pushed up these massive blocks from the ocean. Rising skyward faster than the process of erosion, they were carved as they are today into spires, sheer rock faces, high plateaux and soft green valleys.

This hiking trip takes us through the best of the Dolomites, giving 10 days of Italian culture and cuisine in some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The Dolomites is the destination where you can begin to experience Italy hiking at its best - come and try hiking in Italy with us.

An anti-clockwise circuit, centered on the principal town of Cortina d'Ampezzo, will lead us around the RING OF CORTINA, through colourful meadows and high passes. Pasta and wine for dinner, cosy inns and hotels and scenic trails for exercise offer a magic holiday cocktail.

June and July are the best period for flowers.
And of course the mini-bus follows us around carrying the luggage making our days more enjoyable with only a light day pack to carry

And we'll see ibex and eagles, and lammergeier and other vultures.

Outline itinerary

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Hiking in the Dolomites, in Italy.

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In these 10 days of hiking in the Dolomites we'll see and photograph wild mountains, beatiful flowers, and spectacular scenery to truly capture
"the best of the Dolomites"
The great walking and scenery is enhanced by our very comfortable accomodations
and the wide range of traditional food that we will sample.

Hotels are 3* wherever possible and our back-up minibus provides daily support in case of difficulties.

On average we hike for 5-7 hours each day and ascend and descend 600m (2,000ft)

Outline itinerary


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why not stay on in Venice or Cortina or Innsbruck in Austria or ...... for a few extra days ? We can help you plan this.
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